Cue bodies hitting the floor, kids.

As seen with recent movies such as Hardcore Henry or the recent The Expendables series, some movies look to be a little less story and character analysis, and a little more BOOM! and other explosion sounds. Enter Vigilante Diaries, whose recent trailer does in fact bring said BOOM! to the table.

Starring Paul Sloan, Michael Madsen, and former UFC fighter Rampage Jackson, the movie focuses on an elite black-ops team that enters the world of crime-fighting, becoming… well, vigilantes, obviously. They take to the streets in hopes of taking down the Armenian mob, as other mobs are supposedly busy with other things and couldn’t fit them into their schedules.

The trailer itself is non-stop thrill ride, providing oodles of guns, women, and women with guns in just under two minutes. Rampage himself gets a few good quips in, and Michael Madsen’s gravely voiceover provides probably what is the entirety of the story we should expect. Still, if you’re an action fan with a soft spot for ’90s style violence, reload that trailer and get ready for getting down with possible sickness at the end of June.


Photo: SciFi Movie Page