As cool as tattoos can be, permanently scarring one’s body with ink is not without its risks, such as getting a tattoo that looks frankly terrible.

The portrait tattoo has to be one of the riskiest tattoos that one can get for numerous reasons. Getting the shading and shadowing right is difficult when it comes to tattoo work. The risk of your tattoo looking like the physical representation of the Uncanny Valley is pretty damn high. Lastly, it’s just weird to see a human face on a human torso. Leave that stuff to science-fiction films.

Much to our amusement and horror, the folks over at Dangerous Minds have collected a good-sized sampling of some of the worst musician-based tattoos that one is likely to lay their eyes on. Admittedly, some of these look fine as artistic interpretations but most of these should serve as a great reminder to NOT GET PEOPLE’S FACES AS TATTOOS. IT IS SERIOUSLY UNNERVING.

Check out some of the highlights/lowlights above and make sure to head on over to Dangerous Minds for their complete collection of future regrets.

[Dangerous Minds] via [AV Club]