Bill Maher isn’t a member of the Bryce Harper fan club.

WOR 710 in New York asked the host of HBO’s “Real Time” about his thoughts on the reigning NL MVP, and he didn’t have many positive things to say:

“I’m not a big Bryce Harper fan. There are a couple of words I really can’t say on public radio that I think apply to him, but next to those words in the dictionary, I see a picture of Bryce Harper. I really do. I just don’t like that guy at all. It’s not surprising to me that he’s flirting with Donald Trump’s candidacy.”

When Maher mentions Trump’s candidacy, he’s referring to Harper wearing a “Make Baseball Fun Again” hat in the same style as Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

Then a comment about the amount of hair gel Harper uses prompted Maher to resort to name calling.

“He’s a d—e! He’s a d—-bag! I just don’t like him.”

But hey, Maher is a minority owner of the Mets, so of course he’d consider having a change of heart if arguably the best player in baseball headed to New York.

“Of course if he was a Met, I’d love him. I could learn to love Bryce Harper, let’s put it this way. In a few more years, Bryce Harper, I think, will mature. When you’re that good, when you’re that young, you’re gonna be a d—. … There are villains and there are villains. Just something about him that is very arrogant and of course that’s important when you’re facing a 100 mile-an-hour fastball, you have to have that. But some guys, the confidence, which is the element we’re seeking, tips over into a kind of unattractive quality.”

Maher’s views on Harper aren’t exactly uncommon. There are plenty of people out there who believe he has some growing up to do, and his antics on the field tend not to sit well with baseball purists. Regardless, it doesn’t seem like Harper plans on changing his demeanor any time soon.

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