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Is there a website that just compiles the most hilarious Letters to the Editor for the regular folks to laugh at?

It’s one to get fired up about the 2016 Presidential Election or a controversial arrest but losing your mind over Cam Newton tossing a Seahawks’ banner to the ground or a Target Field worker wearing a Packers field…really?

The Minneapolis Star Tribune recently ran an article about the Minnesota Twins’ home getting new netting around the field that will protect fans from foul balls and broken bats. Instead of simply reading the article and commending the organization for taking proactive steps, some woman from New Hope, Minn., lost her mind.

The worker in question James Goible (above) from Florida-based company C & H Baseball. Maybe he was trolling, maybe he wasn’t. Whatever the case may be, this reader needs to calm down.

I was so insulted that the March article about new safety netting at Target Field included a photo of a man wearing a Green Bay hat at Target Field. I was actually so angry I couldn’t read past the title. Nets being put up in our Minnesota stadium must be done by someone wearing a Minnesota hat or nothing at all. Signed, a disgusted reader.

We’d love to know how amazing this woman’s life is that she needs to blow a gasket over something this idiotic.

[The Big Lead]

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