On Friday, Middle Tennessee State shocked the college basketball world by beating the No. 2 seeded Michigan State Spartans 90-81.

It is a result that almost nobody could have predicted. Per Mike Rutherford of SB Nation:

A total of 13.02 million brackets were entered this year on ESPN.com, and 22.3 percent of them had Michigan State winning it all. The only team to receive more love from the American public was No. 1 overall seed Kansas, which got the top nod 25.0 percent of the time.

As is the case whenever something this unexpected and magical happens in the world of sports, Twitter quickly churned out enough memes to satisfy even the hardest of social media addicts. Here are some of the takes that were as hot as they were glorious.

And while this one is not a meme, but Michigan State basketball alum Draymond Green certainly expressed how most MSU fans must feel at this moment.