Every year NCAA March Madness takes over and brands jump at the opportunity to drive engagement by offering up prizes and cash for winners in their respective NCAA pools.

We have decided to do you a little favor and keep updating a list of brands and publishers offering chances to win (Unfortunately there is no more Billion Dollar NCAA bracket opportunity). You can thank us by sending us a check after you win. If you have a boring job and need something to do throughout the week we would suggest filling out as many of these brackets as you possibly can.

Free-to-enter Tournaments:

Lexus & Yahoo Launch Men’s College Basketball Tournament Bracket Challenge:

This is a great one, with a twist which is inspired by the all-new 2016 Lexus GS F. GS F The Bracket is not about who wins the game, it’s about how fast they play.

Here’s how it works:

  •        Go to www.GSFTheBracket.com.
  •        Each round, select which matchup will reach a combined 60 points the fastest.
  •        Guess correctly and you could win a GS F-inspired luxury vacation.

Sports Illustrated’s $25,000,000 Bracket Challenge

  • Pretty simple one here, fill out your bracket for free HERE and hopefully win a ton of money.

ESPN’s Tournament Challenge 

  • Complete up to 10 brackets and compete with friends, family and celebrities for a chance to win a trip to the 2016 Maui Invitational and a $10,000 gift card.
  • You can enter HERE.

FOX Bracket Challenge

  • Show off your college basketball knowledge and compete for prizes by picking the most accurate bracket. Play in a group with friends or go on your own and challenge the nation.
  • You can enter for free HERE.

Yahoo Bracket Tournament

  • You know the drill, fill out the bracket and win free stuff.
  • You can enter for free HERE.

If you have any more tournaments please send them our way and we will update.