aaaThe New England Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski has a personality made for TV, and that is exactly where it will be heading. It was announced today that the tight end will be hosting “Nickelodeon’s “Crashletes,” a new viral sports clip series produced by Rob Dyrdek and Shane Nickerson of Superjacket Productions.”

According to The Wrap:

“Crashletes” will feature guest personalities from the worlds of sports and entertainment, along with the funniest, craziest viral sports clips and user-generated content from around the world, according to the network. As host, Gronkowski will offer funny commentary on the clips, alongside his co-hosts and guest stars.

If it seems familiar, that is because Rob Dyrdek has been doing the same thing on MTV for his show ‘Ridiculousness.’ It appears that Gronk will be doing it now for a younger audience. The move is a smart one for Dyrdek’s production company as well as Nickelodeon as everyone loves watching themselves a little Gronkowski.