Apparently the FBI kept pretty good tabs on The Wu-Tang Clan, and VERY good tabs on Ol’ Dirty Bastard specifically. Rich Jones, who runs the website, was able to get his hands on the report and has kindly posted it for all to see sometime way back in 2012. We figured it would be smart to fire it up again, given that it is Throwback Thursday. You can check the entire report in all of its glory if you scroll down the page.

According to Rich: One of my hobbies is liberating government documents using Freedom of Information Act requests. To do this, I use the service MuckRock, which allows users to submit FOIA requests online. Using MuckRock, I have been able to obtain the FBI profile of Wu-Tang Clan member “Ol’ Dirty Bastard,” best known for his dirty rhymes and interruping the Grammy’s.

He has even thrown together some highlights of the file for us:

— “The WTC is heavily involved in the sale of drugs, illegal guns, weapons possession, murder, carjacking and other types of violent crime.” [p5]

— Connections to the murder of Robert “Pooh” Johnson and Jerome “Boo Boo” Estrella. [p6]

— Connection to murder of Ishamael “Hoody” Kourma. [p13]

— A shoot-out with the NYPD. [p15]

— Arrest for felony possession of body armour. [p16]

— Connections to the Bloods Gang. [p17]

— Found in possession of large bags full of paper currency. [p40]

— Details of his being robbed and shot while staying in the Kingston projects. [p45]

FBI File of Russell “Old Dirty Bastard” Jones

H/T Pitchfork and K8