As if the Reds didn’t already endure a brutal season, here’s something that makes it feel just a little worse: Jake Arrieta was drafted by Cincinnati in 2004. The 64-win Reds watched the Cubs ace mow down batters in 2015 before shutting down the Pirates in the Wild Card game. Their staff, one that compiled a 4.33 team ERA, good enough for 12th in the National League, could have desperately used one of the most dominant player in the game. Oh, and the team four wins above them in the NL Central standings and one spot above in the NL ERA rankings, the Milwaukee Brewers, also drafted and attempted to sign Arrieta one year later in 2005.

Although it’s easy to play that game and numerous factors play into a draft pick’s development, it’s still a stinging, yet commonplace, realization for fans of all 30 big league clubs.

Arrieta was drafted for the third time in 2007, this time by the Orioles, whom he eventually signed wit. He was later dealt to the Cubs in 2013. He is one of numerous MLB studs that are crushing it with teams that didn’t initially draft them.

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