Entourage premiered on HBO as a little-known series with a widely unrecognizable cast in 2004 and while the first season featured a host of big-time guest starring celebrities in Mark Wahlberg, Larry David and Scarlett Johansson, among others, the show was far from a powerful presence in Hollywood. The next eight seasons would bring dozens more appearances in creating one of the most unique shows on TV, as the immensely popular series quickly become a who’s who of prominent guest stars.

Lamar Odom became the first athlete to appear on Entourage when Johnny Drama obsessed over his gorgeous calves in Season Two and was followed by many others, including LeBron James, Mike Tyson and Kevin Love.

The likes of Jerry Jones, Barry Alvarez, Mike Ditka and Mark Cuban have also appeared on the show, but we’re sticking to athletes. And these rankings include athletes that appeared during the TV series, not in the film.

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