The Johnny Manziel saga continues.

In the midst of all the controversy stemming from a recent incident in which Manziel allegedly struck his ex-girlfriend multiple times, rupturing her eardrum, there’s yet another issue surrounding the Browns quarterback.

Mike Silver appeared on NFL Network and revealed some troubling information regarding both Manziel and the Browns organization. Silver stated that Manziel showed up drunk to practice on Wednesday, December 30th. This part of the story isn’t exactly breaking news, as it was revealed by Cleveland radio host Tony Grossi last month, but it’s the way the Browns handled the situation that makes this story even more of a concern.

According to Silver, Manziel never actually suffered a concussion and the Browns lied about it to sweep the incident under the rug. If these allegations prove to be true, there’s no doubt the league has to consider some sort of punishment.

Regardless, the Browns need to part ways with Manziel, and Manziel needs to part ways with football for a while and get help. What was once thought to simply be an immature, innocent 23-year-old out partying has turned out to be something much more serious. When even your father is saying he’s afraid you won’t see your 24th birthday, it’s time to take a step back and face reality.

[The Big Lead]

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