With Super Bowl 50 right around the corner, we know everyone is scrambling to get their shit together for their Super Bowl party. The basic necessities for a party are food and drinks, most go with alcohol and junk food- the classic American way. We all know what to expect as far as food, but we wanted to make sure that you are NOT the person who serves or brings this to the party!

1. Kale. Please, Dear Lord, do not serve Kale. I don’t care how healthy or beneficial it is for the body, no one wants to munch on it while watching football.

SB Kale

2. Soup. If serving soup even crossed your mind, just stay at home and watch the game alone.

SB Soup

3. Hard Cider. No one wants Cider, stick to beer.

SB Hard Cider

4. Sushi. Don’t get me wrong, I love sushi, but sushi at a Super Bowl party just isn’t right.

SB sushi

5. Wheatgrass Shots. There’s only one kind of shot I want during SB, and its not wheatgrass.

SB wheatgrass

6. Spaghetti. Don’t be the one person who brings or serves spaghetti. Ain’t no body got time for that.

SB Spaghetti

7. Salad. Super Bowl is all about American food aka junk- it’s one of the few times a year we can binge eat and not feel guilty about it. I mean, do people really get full off of salads? Cuz I sure as hell don’t.

SB Salad

8. Mimosas. I’m a big fan of mimosas for brunch. That’s the thing about mimosas, they’re really yummy, but should only be served before 2PM. SB starts at 3:30PM, way too late for them.


9. Anything with utensils. Super Bowl is all about finger foods (dips, pizza, wings, chips). If you’re bringing something with utensils, you’re making life way too difficult for everyone.

SB No Utensils