Super Bowl 50 is in just under two weeks, which means you have just under two weeks to study some Super Bowl facts and impress (or annoy) people at your Super Bowl get-together.

It turns out this Broncos-Panthers matchup comes with plenty of interesting little nuggets of information. These 10 in particular jump out as the most compelling of the bunch:

1. The Panthers are the first team to make the Super Bowl one year after having a losing record. The last team to do that? The 2003 Panthers.

2. In Super Bowl history, there has never been a punt returned for a touchdown.

3. Both #1 seeds have now advanced to the Super Bowl for three straight years. This is the first time this has ever occurred.

4. Denver is the first team to throw more interceptions than TD passes on the season and make the Super Bowl since the 1985 New England Patriots, who lost to Ron Rivera and the Bears.

5. Cam Newton vs. Von Miller marks the first Super Bowl in which No. 1 overall pick from a draft will face No. 2 overall pick from same draft.

6. Teams wearing white jerseys in the Super Bowl are 10-1 in the past 11 games. The Packers have the honor of being that one losing team.

7. Only six starters for the Broncos remain from Super Bowl 48. Peyton Manning, Demaryius Thomas, Britton Colquitt, Louis Vasquez, Sly Williams, Danny Trevathan.

8. If the Panthers beat the Broncos in Super Bowl 50, Ron Rivera would become the fourth person to win a Super Bowl as a coach and player. Tom Flores, Mike Ditka, and Tony Dungy are the other three.

9. Peyton Manning’s last 10 postseason appearances have ended in either a Super Bowl appearance or one-and-done.

10. The NFL will go back to roman numerals for good after Super Bowl 50, AKA “Super Bowl L”.

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