Yoenis Cespedes is one of the most coveted free agents left on the market, so it’s fair to assume he’ll be signing to a ridiculous deal when the right offer comes around.

Before Chris Davis agreed to return to Baltimore on a monster seven-year, $161 million contract, there was a very good chance that Cespedes’ ridiculous deal would be with the Orioles. Davis’ signing obviously lowered those odds, but a new offer for Cespedes might mean there’s still hope.

Jimmy’s Seafood, a Baltimore restaurant, reached out to Cespedes and offered him free crabs for life if he signed with the Orioles:

It appears Jimmy’s Seafood knows Cespedes’ weakness, as the man sure loves his seafood.

The restaurant gave the same offer to Davis in December, and apparently it worked.

But sorry, Scott Boras, no free crabcakes for you.

This is a hell of an offer and all, but something tells me Cespedes and Davis wouldn’t exactly be breaking the bank if they had to pay for seafood. God forbid Davis has to spend some of that $161 million on dinner.

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