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James Jones’ hoodie has become something of an internet fascination. After wearing the short-sleeved hoodie in the Packers’ 30-13 win at Minnesota on Nov. 22, fans have been keeping a very close eye on it.

The season didn’t progress quite how many expected for the Packers but they remain alive in the playoffs and, miraculously, after a hideous final two-thirds of the season, are one win away from a return trip to the NFC title game. And, with Davante Adams expected to miss Saturday’s tilt in Arizona, even more attention will be given to Jones…and his hoodie.

And yes, he will likely wear it in Glendale and it will likely be mentioned on Twitter a billion times. For those fascinated with the hoodie, here are the numbers:


Yes, they’re fairly interesting but very meaningless.

[Reddit, Imgur]

Photo: Fox Sports

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