The New England Patriots have been closely associated with the Winter Classic this year thanks to the fact that the game is taking place at Gillette Stadium. Rob Gronkowski decked himself out in Winter Classic gear. Tom Brady made an appropriate Winter Classic Facebook meme. Julian Edelman jokingly offered his services to the Bruins. To top it all off, both the Bruins and the Canadiens goalkeepers had gear made that paid homage to the Patriots.

Mike Condon’s Winter Classic mask featured Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and four Lombardi trophies, so it was only fitting that both Brady and Belichick signed the piece of hockey gear for him. While Brady signed his name with a simple “Go Patriots!,” Belichick took the time to recount each of the Patriots’ Super Bowl wins with his signature. The only surprising thing about this is that this autograph proves that Belichick can recall past triumphs when the situation calls for it. It would have been far less shocking if Belichick had scrawled something along the lines of “We’re on to Miami” as a part of his signature.