The Dallas Mavericks will host the Los Angeles Clippers tonight which means that everyone, including Mavs owner Mark Cuban, is getting the opportunity to rehash DeAndre Jordan’s free agency decision to backtrack on his verbal commitment to sign with the Mavs.

As has been the case since this summer, Cuban is still a bit salty over how Jordan handled his affairs. During a Tuesday talk with reporters, the Mavs owner, speaking like a possessive, jilted divorcee, revealed that he still has all the text messages that he exchanged with Jordan and that he plans to reveal the content of those messages at some point in the future.

Cuban has every right to be really, really annoyed with Jordan as his backtracking wasted a very valuable week of the Mavs’ time during free agency. However, it’s been four months since Jordan broke Cuban’s heart decided that the Clippers were a better fit for him. At some point, it’d probably be best to just let this thing go.