On Tuesday, the Miami Heat dealt everyone’s favorite verbal punching bag Mario Chalmers to the Memphis Grizzlies. The move may bolster the Grizzlies’ three-point shooting but it also reopened some old wounds for fans of basketball in Memphis.

Back in 2008, when he was playing for the Kansas Jayhawks, Chalmers famously hit this 3-pointer to tie the NCAA championship game in the closing seconds against the Memphis Tigers.

Kansas, of course, went on to win in overtime.

With that in mind, some Memphis fans (about twenty as of this writing) started a Change.org petition, asking announcers to not bring up Chalmers’ championship game shot because seeing him in a Grizzlies jersey is enough of a reminder, thank you very much.

We know. We know. We know. In the 2008 NCAA Championship basketball game Mario Chalmers, a member of the University of Kansas’s mens basketball team, hit a late-game 3-pointer against the University of Memphis Tigers. Kansas would win in overtime, and Memphians would have to live this moment down for the rest of our collective lives.

We already have to suffer through the embarrassment that is the Matt Barnes media circus. Please don’t make us suffer through constant “Steve, take a look at this (clip from 2008 title game): That’s current Memphis Grizzlies back-up PG standing over the entire city of Memphis, dropping his shorts, and pooping on the hopes and dreams of 676,660 people.”


“Wow, Clark, I wonder how many Memphis fans remember this…(clip rolls).”

We all remember it, and have been collectively flinching at the mention of the most commonly forgotten state ever since.

While I have you here, it should also be noted that Hall of Fame coach John Calipari DIDN’T FOUL CHALMERS ON THE POSSESSION LEADING TO THE 3. YOU HAD A FOUL TO GIVE, CAL. WTF BUDDY.

Anyway, please sign this petition. We, as a city, and as a fan base, would greatly appreciate it if we didn’t have to hear about this.

While we feel the petitioners’ pain, starting a petition that draws specific attention to a three-point shot that Chalmers hit seven years ago seems like it’s counter-productive to the cause.

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