The Chicago Bulls decided to celebrate their 50th anniversary on Thursday night by wearing their throwback jerseys for the team’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Bulls forward Mike Dunleavy wasn’t able to play in the game due to a back injury but that didn’t stop him from getting into the spirit of the night. Dunleavy outfitted himself in an absolutely fantastic throwback suit. While his outfit (especially that precious shirt) definitely strays towards the sensibilities of the 1970s – rather than the mid-60s when the Bulls were founded – we can forgive Dunleavy for the historical misstep because this get-up is STRONG and deserves to broken out more often than whenever Chicago decides to honor its humble beginnings.

The Bulls will celebrate the team’s 50th birthday on January 20th with an ’80s night theme. Hopefully, Mike’s back is all better by then and he can wow everyone with his take on eighties fashion during that night’s postgame press conference.

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