The ocean is an awe-inspiring and terrifying thing. A film crew off the coast of Victoria, British Columbia captured this footage of a male orca using its tail to fling a harbor seal about 80 feet in the air.

According to a report by Discovery, the orca with the killer tail is named “T69C” by the Center for Whale Research.

While the sight of a seal being kicked that far in the air may seem like a rather rare event, it is actually something that orcas do to kill their prey.

“They don’t often eat the seals (after hitting them). But when they hit Dall’s porpoises, they do it to eviscerate them. They hit them so hard that their entrails pop out, which they leave behind after eating the muscle and blubber.”

The moral of the tale is probably that it’s wise to stay far, far away from orcas’ tails. They look like they pack quite the punch.

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