Over the weekend, Kirk Cousins quickly entered the pantheon of Vine virality with his passionate exclamation “YOU LIKE THAT” following Washington’s stunning comeback win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Vine took the internet by storm and now Cousins is planning on capitalizing on his new-found internet fame for a good cause.

Yes, Cousins will be selling “YOU LIKE THAT” merchandise on Represent to benefit the International Justice Mission, an organization that aims to end “violence and oppression of the poor worldwide.” T-shirts sell for $22.99 while the hoodie goes for $39.99.

As of this writing, Cousins has managed to sell 290 shirts, which is more than halfway towards his goal of 500. So, if you’re a fan of Washington, Kirk Cousins, the IJM and/or popular Vines, and you want to help Cousins hit his goal, now is as good a time as any to get your very own “YOU LIKE THAT” shirt that only the most die-hard of NFL fans will remember a few weeks from now (But seriously, it’s wonderful to see that Kirk is using his internet fame for good).

[Kirk Cousins]