On Saturday, the Detroit Pistons showcased the new alternates that they will wear this season to squeeze a little extra money out of their fan base honor the esteemed American car industry.

To be fair, the concept for the “Chrome” uniform is pretty great.

Detroit is universally known as the auto capitol of the world, where chrome leaves an indelible mark on the cars we create. The uniforms feature a matte chrome base color with clean simple lines inspired by the classic muscle cars that have roared up and down Woodward Avenue for decades. The navy trim and Detroit emblazoned across the chest represent the blue collar work ethic that the auto industry and region was built on.

Unfortunately, the “Chrome” jerseys aren’t that great in execution. The “Chrome” ends up looking more like “off-white” and the dark blue that is meant to celebrate Detroit’s work ethic doesn’t add much impact to the design. It all adds up to a clean, if understated, alternate.

Of course, it’s hard to judge a jersey until it’s seen on a court. The Pistons will be sporting the “Chrome” alternates for seven games this season, so it may be best to reserve judgment for these dates:

Fri, 10/30 vs. Chicago
Sat, 11/21 vs. Washington
Wed, 12/16 vs. Boston
Thu, 12/31 vs. Minnesota
Mon, 1/18 vs. Chicago
Thu, 2/4 vs. New York
Sat, 3/26 vs. Atlanta

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