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Shawn Bradley, best known for being The Other Guy On Your Favorite 90’s Basketball Poster, is selling his 7,908 square foot Murray, Utah home for the tidy sum of $3.95 million.

So, what does almost $4 million buy you in Utah? Turns out, quite a lot. The house comes equipped with five bedrooms, 6.8 baths (3 full, 3 3/4s and two half baths), a theater, a full gym, a swimming pool with sauna and hot tub, enough garage space to hold ten cars, and a tennis court among other amenities. The lot spans 3.46 acres and, oddly enough, the realty listing does note that the property has livestock.

So, if you’re one of the few people with millions to spend who wants to move to Utah and be associated with the man who inspired this:

Then this is the dream home for you!

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