Mark “Mayor” Farese has one of the most extensive and impressive sneaker collections in the sneaker-wearing culture (to use his terminology). His collection is so big that Forbes decided to meet up with Mayor to film a video segment on his collection and his personal connection to sneakers.

And while there’s no doubt that Mayor has plenty of heat (MAGs, Yeezys and the Undefeated x Air Jordan 4s all make appearances in the video), the sheer size and value of his sneaker stock is mindblowing. With over 3,000 pairs of sneakers, Mayor estimates that his collection is worth about three-quarters of a million dollars.

Still, Mayor says that it’s not like he has spent $750,000 on sneakers. The man has been doing this sneaker-wearing thing for awhile and notes that he’s bought sneakers and seen their value appreciate as sneaker culture has taken off.

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