In a recent interview with NFL.com, J.J. Watt divulged that he’s a bit too busy running roughshod over offensive lines to have much of a private life right now.

“People [I know] think that I’ve never dated before, or whatever,” Watt says. “But I’m trying. I’m trying. I’m just unsuccessful. My schedule’s so crazy and life’s so busy, it just hasn’t worked.”

Although it was a small piece buried in a pretty extensive profile of Watt’s life, the quote took on a life of its own as it seems that every other sports site on the planet ran with it.

On Thursday, Watt took to Twitter to let everyone know that he’s single and that’s fine because, hey, he’s a young dude (who also happens to be one of the best athletes in sports).

Hear that world? J.J. Watt is doing fine. Let the man go about his business of scaring the living daylights out of quarterbacks.

[JJ Watt]