It’s no secret that the Washington’s offseason has been a bit of a disaster. There was the whole drama surrounding Robert Griffin III’s maybe-concussion. There was the long and seemingly-inevitable road to Griffin’s eventual benching in favor of Kirk Cousins. Hell, there was even a small controversy about the team’s policy of holding tickets at will call.

Given the dark cloud hanging over Washington, especially in regards to their quarterback situation, it is understandable that wide receiver DeSean Jackson is having a hard time staying positive in that sort of environment.

In an interview with GQ, DeSean was asked a pretty boilerplate question about his team’s chances at contending this year. Jackson’s response was… less than reassuring.

Do you feel like you guys will contend this year?

Long silence. “Uh… how ’bout I say, uh… Let me see what I can answer to that question….”

DeSean couldn’t even bring himself to regurgitate the old, “We’re taking it one game a time” or “My focus is on X-opponent-who-we-face-next.” You know things are bleak when a player can’t even bring himself to like his team’s chances this season.

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