For all of the Laker hopefuls out there, let me put an end to the misery: there is no chance that they make the playoffs next season. The Western conference is stacked. Los Angeles might have a shot of making the playoffs in the East, but life and basketball are not fair, so there’s an end to that. If everything goes right and everyone stays healthy, then they have a shot at 40 wins, and maybe the ten or eleven seed. But more realistically, Los Angeles will finish in the 35 win range, Kobe Bryant will declare that he is coming back for another season and demand $25 million, and they will give their pick to Philadelphia, which will end up being 6’10” Swiss Army Knife Ben Simmons because, once again, life and basketball are not fair.

But in even sadder (or happier) news, depending on high you perceive it, the Lakers are thinking about resigning Ron Artest, err I mean Metta World Peace, shit I mean squishy, fuzzy Panda.

Salary cap expert for RealGM and SportingNews, as well as lead writer for WarriorsWorld had this to say about the Lakers thinking about bringing back The Panda’s Friend:

In all seriousness, the Lakers are seriously short on wings, and it doesn’t look like they’re about to make the playoffs anytime soon. I’d be all in for signing Metta World Peace and Sasha Vujacic at maximum contracts. You know what, the Lakers should just try to bring back the whole 2011 championship squad and Phil Jackson.


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