Jim McMahon had some harsh things to say about Bill Belichick during his interview Friday on “The Dan Patrick Show”.

McMahon, who briefly played for Belichick while on the Browns in 1995, was asked about his deflate-gate thoughts and apparently figured it was the perfect time to air out his hatred toward the Patriots head coach.

The former quarterback recalled a specific instance in which Belichick supposedly lied to him about whether he’d still get paid after being waived.

“I was with Bill in Cleveland in 1995 and he lied right to my face, so I never trusted him after that,” McMahon said. “All this stuff that happens, I’m sure he’s right in the middle of it.”

“In ’95 all [the Browns] had was Vinny Testaverde and they had just drafted a kid out of Georgia. [Belichick] told me they were gonna have to release me after training camp and I said, ‘That’s fine.’ I really wanted to be in Cleveland. He said, ‘No, no we really want you here. We’re gonna take care of you. You might have to sit out one or two weeks.’

“He said they were gonna pay me. I ended up sitting out seven weeks and I still haven’t gotten paid. I told him, ‘Look, don’t screw me around. If I’m gonna be here I have my family here, I have to find a hockey team for my sons.’ There’s a lot going on. I wouldn’t have moved to Cleveland just to move to Cleveland.”

He even went as far to say that since Belichick is “a liar,” it wouldn’t surprise him if he were a cheater as well.

“I know he’s a liar,” McMahon said. “Cheating ain’t far behind, I would think.”

Here’s the full video of the interview:

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