Last year, Giants wide receivers Victor Cruz and Odell Beckham Jr. experienced two very different seasons.

On the one hand, Beckham took the football world by storm as he won the AP’s Offensive Rookie of the Year, the PWFA’s Rookie of the Year and went to the Pro Bowl while making one of the most ridiculous catches that one is ever going to see in professional sports.

On the other hand, Victor Cruz suffered a season ending knee injury midway though the 2014 season. He only played in six games and racked up 337 receiving yards and one touchdown.

With that in mind, Foot Locker found a great way to explore the “teammate-rival” dynamic between Cruz and Beckham in this new ad that centers on Cruz’s “thoughts” on Beckham Jr. stealing the spotlight away from Cruz last season. The inner-dialogue is pretty nice but it’s Victor’s insanely creepy smile that steals the show.

[Foot Locker]