Taylor Swift has entered another feud, this time with fellow performer Miley Cyrus. The feud also involves Zayn Malik and Calvin Harris and is about why Swift’s music isn’t available for streaming on Spotify. Cyrus subtly implied that Swift is money-hungry and is disguising her greed as self-righteousness.

The spat began when Malik retweeted two quotes from Cyrus and Swift, with a bunch of back-and-forth from Harris and the former One Direction member. The Twitter war of words lasted almost 30 minutes, which is pretty long for a Twitter feud.

Miley’s really grown into her own person. Fans will not only be getting a brand new album from the former Disney pop star, they will most likely be getting it for free. In an interview with Marie Claire, she told the magazine that she’s prepared to buy herself out of RCA, her label, if it’s not prepared to release her new album for free. It seems like Cyrus is just trying to make some music, because she likes it.


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