As it turns out, J.J. Watt is not solely sustained by the power of his own awesomeness. The Texans star eats a ridiculous amount of fuel to keep his body in tip-top shape so that he can tear quarterbacks apart during football season.

Back in February, Watt was training with Brad Arnett when he noticed that he couldn’t push his body as much as he’d like. So, Arnett advised Watt to change his diet to include more fat. Like bacon!

Per ESPN’s Tania Ganguli:

If he ate eight chicken breasts in one meal, Arnett suggested he wrap three of them in bacon. Daily that meant adding mashed sweet potatoes, more pasta, fish, olive oil and coconut oil in his cooking and avocados.

“I started crushing avocados,” Watt said.

His calorie count rose to somewhere between 6,000 and 9,000 calories per day, depending on how active he was each day. Watt opted to keep his own meal plan a secret, but it would take about 50 slices of bacon, 20 chicken breasts and 13 whole avocados to reach 9,000 calories.

Granted, the process is understandably exhausting as eating that much food each day has to become a trial after a while. Still, the altered diet meant that Watt got to add his favorite meal back to his routine.

Weekly that meant the glorious return of one cheat meal, something Watt thought he had to cut out, too. The cheat meal’s triumphant return came in the form of brunch.

The scary thing to contemplate is that J.J. Watt was apparently not optimally fueling himself as his diet was previously lacking in the fats and carbs that are necessary to provide energy for the body. Opposing quarterbacks should be quivering in their cleats knowing that Watt is downing bacon and brunch to prepare for the upcoming season.