Notre Dame sent out a suspicious tweet this morning asking what would make their players act like a bunch of high schoolers at a pep rally. Two hours later, a video was tweeted of Josh Anderson modeling the Notre Dame alternate jerseys.

Would Anderson modeling the alternates really get the team that excited? We know better now.

Head coach Brian Kelly had this to say about the moment after practice:

“[Anderson is] a senior for us that has done everything we’ve asked over the last five years. He’s taken more hits than any one of our backs. He’s a scout-team player. He’s done everything. He’s a great student. Well-respected by all of his teammates and we had an available scholarship and as a senior he deserved it so I brought him out to announce the Under Armour uniforms and I had him instead of the big mannequin, I had him dressed in the Under Armour uniform. He didn’t know he was getting a scholarship. So the guys were pretty charged up. He had the Under Armour — I said: You know, this is a great model. Matter of fact, he’s such a great model — I said, Josh, take your helmet off — he models everything that I think is right about a Notre Dame football player. At that time I announced he was gonna get a scholarship, and the guys were excited. It was a good moment.”

It’s nice to see teams rewarding years of hard work and dedication. Especially when it’s so rare to see teams recognize walk-ons.


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