Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin was present at the New York Jets training camp session on Wednesday to watch his favorite team prepare for the upcoming season.

While the image of a smiling George R.R. Martin in a Jets cap may seem too on-the-nose for some due to the fact that Martin specializes in squashing the hopes and dreams of your favorite Game of Thrones characters much as the Jets franchise specializes in squashing the hopes and dreams of its fanbase, Martin is a legitimate fan of Gang Green.

He has even written about the Jets on his personal blog a few times. Last year, he wrote a pretty great post on the Jets’ free agency that, in hindsight, was spot on:

Letting Antonio Cromartie leave was a mistake. Not going after Darrelle Revis when Tampa Bay cut him loose was a worse mistake. Letting him get picked up by Evil Little Bill and the Patriots was the worst mistake of all.

Instead the Jets signed Eric Decker from the Broncos. Well, okay. Not a bad move. They desperately needed wide receivers. Geno Smith was pretty bad last year, but he wasn’t helped by having no one to throw to. So now we add Decker. Who was a good, solid receiver for Denver, but nothing special… until Peyton Manning came to town. Then his stats went through the roof. Unfortunately for Gang Green, he does not get the bring Peyton with him to New York, which means that he is going to go back to being a good, solid receiver again this year, but nothing special. And maybe a notch below that, since he will have Geno throwing to him.

We would definitely read a novel about the heroic Geno Smith’s epic battle against Evil Little Bill and the Patriots.

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