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The Deadpool teaser trailer was released today. Or a more correct way to say that would be that Fox released a trailer for the Deadpool trailer. The assassin-for-hire lives and breathes meta, and Ryan Reynolds fully embraced his character, at one point admitting he’s a “post-modern asshole.” The trailer is as obscene as it is hilarious, and it seems to try to correct the course that went wrong with Wade Wilson in X-Men: Origins – Wolverine.

This is everything and more I expected from Tim Miller’s Deadpool. The titular antihero is known for breaking the fourth wall to address the audience and bring a rare sense of humor to a comic-book movie. Miller and Reynolds look like they have the right attitude and know what they’re doing with the film. If you want to watch the actual, real trailer, it’s airing on Conan tomorrow night on TBS.


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