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Now that the Dodgers are winning, Jason Bateman said on Jimmy Kimmel that he goes to as many games as he can. And since it wasn’t a great look for a father of two to be going to every home game by himself, he confessed that he drags along his eight-year-old to Dodgers stadium for the snacks and quality Wi-Fi. Great look for the celebrity.

He went on to say to host Kimmel that he’s never thrown out a pitch for the Dodgers, because he’s such a big fan and that it would ruin games for him. Right… that or you were never offered. But he said he was offered to throw out a pitch for the Diamondbacks against the Dodgers in a Diamondbacks hat. Instead of wearing the Arizona hat, however, he put on a Dodgers hat he hid in his back pocket right before he threw the pitch. This got the “D-Bag’s mascot” as Bateman likes to call him, all riled up. Check out his interview with Kimmel.

If your team name is the Arizona Diamondbacks, then it makes no sense to have a Bobcat as your mascot. The Toronto Blue Jay’s mascot should be a cat or something by that same logic.


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