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Mallory Edens only tweeted two words but it was enough to remind Seattle basketball fans that their city was used as bait, again. Edens is the daughter of Milwaukee Bucks owner, Wesley Edens. The elder Edens has been pushing the city for a new arena while using relocation to either Las Vegas or Seattle as threats.

It’s become clear that having an open market like Seattle is extremely valuable for teams looking to gain leverage for new arenas, facility upgrades or other items, and most believe no NBA team will ever relocate because the value in having a threat is more than having a team there.

This belief was only reaffirmed on Tuesday when Mallory Edens tweeted two words to Seattle fans:

The debate over whether or not the relocation threat is an ethical way of doing business will parade on, but it’s the harsh reality of professional sports and many other industries. However, that didn’t stop people from reacting to her tweet, which prompted an apology: