Charlotte McKinney, she of Carl’s Jr. and Rob Gronkowski parody erotica video fame, recently got the casting call to be a part of Sports Illustrated‘s Swimsuit 2016 for reasons which should be fairly obvious to anyone that is familiar with either McKinney’s work or Sports Illustrated’s annual celebration of swimwear.

Sports Illustrated was also kind enough to post a bio that McKinney filled out when they announced McKinney’s casting call selection. It features crucial information such as when McKinney feels sexiest (“In a tiny Bikini” [sic]) to her favorite sport/team to watch (basketball and the Heat or Clippers) as well as this gem:


It’s hard to argue with her. Charlotte McKinney sure does have nice… eyes.

Check out some stunning photos of McKinney above and watch her play a word association game for Sports Illustrated below.

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