In order to hype up his first press conference as a member of the San Antonio Spurs, the Spurs organization came up with the perfect hashtag for the event.


Now, on the one hand, the hashtag makes perfect sense. ‘LA’ are LaMarcus’s initials and there is some good symmetry involved with ‘LAinSA.’

Still, it is difficult to read the above hashtag without thinking of “Los Angeles” and how the Los Angeles Lakers pursued LaMarcus heavily in free agency before striking out to San Antonio.

For those that forgot, the Lakers pursuit of LaMarcus included their own hashtag campaign – #LAtoLA.

ESPN’s Arash Markazi, who writes on Los Angeles sports for the network, definitely took notice of the suspiciously convenient hashtag.

Honest hashtag or troll job? The fact that it’s hard to tell is what makes #LAinSA so damn great.