One of the most entertaining side-stories of the whole DeAndre Jordan saga involved Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s Twitter spat with ESPN writer Chris Broussard.

The bickering between the Mavericks owner and the Man with Multiple Sources centered around this tweet which Broussard issued on Wednesday night.

While the image of Cuban driving around “beside himself” desperately asking for Jordan’s address is a funny one, Cuban fervently denied it ever happened.

Cuban went as far as to offer $100,000 to the charity of Broussard’s choice if the man could show evidence of his claim.

Cuban even detailed his exact actions on that fateful Wednesday evening through his app Cyber Dust to further refute Broussard’s claims.

Forced into a corner of his own making, Broussard finally issued an apology to Cuban on Friday (aka “News Dump Day”).

Regarding my Wednesday report: I should have attempted to contact Mark Cuban before reporting what my sources were telling me. I always try to carry myself with honesty and integrity both personally and professionally. I recognize that I tweeted hastily, I’m sorry for it, and I will learn from my mistake.

Well, at least Mark Cuban got one win this offseason.

[Chris Broussard]