Mark Cuban was invited to speak at the Presidential Leadership Scholars 2015 Graduation on Thursday at SMU and the Dallas Mavericks owner showed that he could display a sense of humor over the whole bizarre (but deliciously entertaining) DeAndre Jordan free agency drama that culminated in Jordan backing out of a verbal agreement that he had with the Mavericks to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers.

After it was noted that Cuban “had a tough night last night,” a moderator went on to say, “Without rehashing all the details of the DeAndre Jordan commitment,” to which Cuban interrupted with a joking dig that managed to draw some laughs from the audience:

“Aw, you had to say his name.”

Cuban was then asked how he deals with setbacks as large and as unusual as the DeAndre Jordan situation. Cuban got serious at that point:

“From the conversations that we had today, it’s that it’s over. You know there’s nothing you can do about it. You think for a second if there’s anything I could have changed. You think for another second, ‘What have I learned so I can do it differently next time.’ And then, you move forward.”

Cuban ended his answer by noting that the Mavericks “have this big tall German who is pretty good” and that the team should have great leadership moving forward.

However, it should be noted that Cuban didn’t mention Jordan’s name at all in his response.

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