The great folks at Max Preps somehow unearthed this rare footage of a high schooler named Michael Jordan showing off some silly ups. The footage is when Jordan played ball at Laney High School, and though it isn’t much it is easy to see how impressive it is. The one-handed dunk was something Jordan would do one or more times more in his storied career at North Carolina and then with the Bulls (and Wizards…).

On a related note, Jordan Brand recently renovated the Michael B. Jordan gymnasium at Laney High School (the place in the above video where Michael Jordan played high school ball) as a part of the brand’s 30th Anniversary.  As a part of the refurbishment, Jordan Brand also set up a memorabilia case at the school which celebrates many of MJ’s accomplishments at Laney, as well as his many storied accomplishments since he graduated from Laney. Jacques Slade was able to tour the new gymnasium and film many of the impressive upgrades, including the Jordan exhibit.