Rory McIlroy took to Instagram on Wednesday to officially announce that he will not be playing in this year’s Open Championship at St. Andrews. Rory’s full statement reads:

After much consideration, I have decided not to play in the Open Championship at St. Andrews. I’m taking a long term view of this injury and, although rehab is progressing well, I want to come back to tournament play when I feel 100% healthy and 100% competitive. Thank you for all your support and best wishes. I hope to be back on the course as soon as I can…. In the mean time, come on Andy!!!

McIlroy recently injured his foot playing some soccer recently in Belfast, Northern Ireland and has been in a walking boot and on crutches since. According to Rory, the injury was so severs that it resulted in a “total rupture of left ATFL (ankle ligament) and associated joint capsule damage.” There is no timetable yet on his return but he has started rehab.