DeSean Jackson has a BET reality series named after himself called “DeSean Jackson: Home Team.” In the second episode, we find out that the 28-year-old receiver is going to be a father. And suprise, surprise, he plans for his child to be an athlete, just like his old man.

“If it’s a boy, he’s going to the league,” Jackson says. “[If it’s a girl], she’s probably going to be the next Serena Williams.”

But some other people, namely Jackson’s sister and assistant A’Dreea, are less excited about the prospect of Jackson bearing a child. Jackson disagrees, but it’s easy to sympathize with her while Jackson and his friends are doing backflips and jumping off the pool. She even follows him to an afternoon trip to the bowling alley to make sure he and his friends stay out of trouble, because you just never know what might go down at a bowling alley.

In one instance while the two siblings were going over Jackson’s credit card statement, A’Dreea asks her brother what he could have possibly spent $5,000 on in one night at a club.

His answer?

Jackson’s tab at the bar: $5,000. That brief moment of silence while Jackson internalizes just how much he spent and what he spent it on: priceless.

And I wonder why one in six NFL players file for bankruptcy after retirement.


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