During an at-bat during the top of the seventh inning on Friday night, Cleveland Indians’ pitcher Trevor Bauer imitated Ryan Raburn, Mike Aviles and Jason Kipnis’ batting stances and it was amazing. The game was in favor of Cleveland by a score of 3-2 at the time, and Trevor had no qualms throwing a little shade at his teammates even in a close game. The icing on the cake was that he ended up forcing a walk after 9 pitches, and even the Pittsburgh crowd could appreciate his trolling efforts.

Cleveland.com gives a little more insight into the trolling:

For a few pitches, Bauer waved his bat above his head, a la Aviles. For a few others, he pointed his lumber directly behind him, about shoulder-high, a la Kipnis. He also rested the bat on his shoulder and tapped his elbows together, a la Raburn.

Well done, Trevor!