The movie on Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ life entitled ‘Steve Jobs’ (not to be confused with the 2013 movie on the same subject called ‘Jobs’) is set to release on October 9th and Universal Pictures released the first official teaser for the film on Wednesday.

The film stars Michael Fassbender as the late Steve Jobs and it is being directed by Danny Boyle, who is best known for his work on films such as ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and ‘127 Hours.’ ‘Steve Jobs’ is being written by Aaron Sorkin, so the flick should feature no shortage of impossibly witty and rapid-paced banter.

The film will also star Seth Rogan as Steve Wozniak and Kate Winslet as Mac engineer Joanna Hoffman. Jeff Daniels looks like he will be great as Jobs’ antagonist John Sculley.

If nothing else, it’ll be interesting to see how Fassbender interprets his role differently from Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs.