Jim Harbaugh attended the Detroit Tigers game at Comerica Park on Tuesday to throw out the first pitch and he came fully prepared, bringing his baseball glove with him to the mound while he wore his signature pair of khakis.

Given Harbaugh’s history of wearing cleats on the sidelines of football games and his history of bringing a baseball glove to games that he’s attended, the fact that he’s brought his glove to Detroit is not surprising in the least.

After all, this is a man who claimed to have grabbed 20 baseballs over the course of his lifetime last year:

“That’s just every time I’ve ever gone to a baseball game, that’s my main focus. Going and getting a ball. …

“I’ve got 20. Got my 20th at a Giants game a year or two ago.”

As for the pitch, one has to hand it to the former quarterback. He did a fine job getting that baseball over the mound.