It might not be respected but all parties but it’s technically ok to troll a little following a huge World Cup win against one of the world’s better teams therefore we understand why Australia is celebrating…wait…Australia lost?

The United States women defeated Australia in their World Cup opener on Monday evening and while the USWNT performance wasn’t gorgeous, it was more than adequate in grabbing a big victory. So why in the hell is Australia ripping into the U.S? The team’s official website hurled some serious shade at the team that just defeated them and we’re just baffled as to what prompted it and why they think it’s a good idea.

The entire entry titled “Australia v USA: 4 things we learnt” is worth reading but here’s a couple pieces from the rant:

1: The USA, well, they just aren’t that good

The US certainly like to talk a good game. The reality is they play a fairly rudimentary, bog-standard 4-4-2, were short of ideas going forward and outmanoeuvred tactically. ‘Play it long and look for the head of Wambach’ seems the default game-plan for a team stuck in the past.

2: Australia has developed into a world-class team

How many times did they play through the lines? Hold possession in dangerous areas? Play out from the back?

Being able to do this for 90 minutes is the next level for them.

The embarrassing article then took a charitable break from acting like sore loses and focus more on tooting their own horn. It’s a very confusing ploy for any team, but especially one with enough talent to make a serious World Cup run.

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