Imagine this. You’re a kicker on an NFL team, and your team is now in field goal range. The catch is your team is down by two points, and the guys are depending on you to bring it home for them.

Sound fun?

The point is, there’s a lot of pressure for kickers, and it’s hard to replicate that pressure. But Wisconsin’s Rafael Gaglianone may have found a pretty close method.

This could have gone wrong so easily for the Wisconsin duo. The holder must really trust Gaglianone if he’s putting the fate of his face on his shoulders.

But the holder probably knew what he was doing. Gaglianone connected on 19 of his 22 field goals and 59 of his 61 PATs last year to lead the Big 10 in scoring as a freshman. He’s pretty good at kicking the ball through those two pillars at the end of the field.