Dolph LundgrenIf I were to ever compile a list of bad ideas that I would never, ever follow through on, there’s no doubt “get blackout drunk and pee on Dolph Lundgren” would be at (or, at least near) the top. That’s precisely what 42-year-old tattooed prankster Matt Pritchard did on a recent chartered flight from Amsterdam to Las Vegas. Photos show a naked Pritchard, hopped up on the always-fun combination of Xanax and alcohol, prancing around the plane in his birthday suit. It’s bad enough to be stuck on a plane with a drunk person. A naked, urinating drunk guy? That’s pretty foul.

“I took a Xanax, which is a sedative that knocks you out, to put me to sleep on the flight,” Pritchard told Metro UK. “I didn’t realize you’re not supposed to mix them with alcohol. I had a lot of alcohol and blacked out. I started running up and down the flight naked and proceeded to pee on Dolph Lundgren’s feet. I don’t know why I wasn’t arrested at the airport.”

Arrested? After peeing on friggin’ Ivan Drago, I’d assume the following things would happen: 1) he would break me in half, then 2) toss my lifeless body from 35,000 feet. An arrest would be the easy way out. According to Pritchard, Dolph seemed cool about the whole thing, though.

Pritchard added that, after the incident, Lundgren shook the naked man’s hand and said not to “worry about it.”

If you don’t believe any of this, here’s the best photographic evidence we can offer of the incident.


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