Johnny Manziel found his way back into headlines Sunday.

The Cleveland Browns’ backup quarterback allegedly threw a water bottle at a fan during the AT&T Byron Nelson golf tournament. The 18-year-old fan, according to police, harassed Manziel for an autograph for nearly two hours before the incident.

“The only criminal offense that occurred was somebody that was in Johnny’s group pushed the 18 year old,” said James McLellan of the Irving Police Department per USA TODAY. “It was not Johnny, that’s misinformation that’s out there, and (the fan) didn’t want to press charges.”

Apparently, Johnny Football still needs to work on his accuracy.

“Johnny threw a water bottle toward this young man. It did not hit him; it hit a wall behind him,” McLellan said. “There is a quote online that said the 18 year old said, ‘Nice throw.’ I think that kind of escalated things further. At that point, the friend pushed the 18 year old.”

This isn’t the first time Manziel has had an altercation with a fan. Last November, he had a run-in with an intoxicated Browns fan who tried to hug him.

[photo via Twitter]